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Low Power FM

Application filing window NOW open through November 14, 2013!

It's been 12 years since the FCC entertained applications for Low Power FM stations. Given the limited number of frequencies and long wait there will be competition (especially in urban areas). This could be your last opportunity to start a Low Power FM station. To participate you must move quickly. Here's the FCC filing window announcement (pdf) and the FCC filing window extension announcement (pdf). Learn a little more about the application process courtesy of Discount Legal.

The FCC authorized a Low Power FM ("LPFM") broadcast service in 2000. It was intended to serve as a local, non-profit broadcast service. There are some 800 LPFM stations licensed today, providing original and uniquely local programming to communities around the United States. LPFM stations are authorized to broadcast at 100 watts of transmitter power. Depending on terrain that is enough power to cover a medium sized community or a big city neighborhood. LPFM stations are licensed from 88 MHz to 106 MHz on the radio dial, and can be heard on conventional FM radios in the car, at work or at home.

Applicants must be local to the service area, and must be a non-profit entity. Individuals may not apply. An organization is limited to one application and then one license only (two for Tribal entities). No filing fee is required, but a great deal of work and expertise go into making a good application. An application cannot be fixed later, and it can be rejected if there are flaws when it is filed. The elements regarding basic qualification (the FCC applicant or "entity"), engineering (transmitter site and frequency), and point system factors all need to be worked out and documented in advance.

Discount Legal has experience — In 2007 Discount Legal assisted 92 full-power NCE applications, and in 2010 assisted with 6 more.

Alan Korn and Michael Couzens founded Discount Legal in 2007. To better assist non-profits, community groups and other local applicants, we decided the best thing was to prepare and file LPFM applications for a low fixed price. We would promote that service using the catch phrase Discount Legal.

The approach was extremely successful. In a crash program for the 2007 window, we ended up filing 92 FCC applications. Quite a few applicants got construction permits, went on the air, and are providing important local community services today.

From this experience, we have decided to reprise Discount Legal for the October 2013 Low Power FM window.

Maximize your chance of success and let us strategize your Low Power FM application. We offer legal assistance at a low, fixed-price. We also can provide access to experienced engineers and other resources necessary to complete your application.

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